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I am so glad to find S&D Oil! At last, I don’t need to deal with unprofessional and rude heating oil services any more.
This company provides excellent customer service and consistently one of the lowest rates in the area. John is thoughtful and kind, and I have never seen him without a smile. They always deliver no more than 24 hours after my non urgent phone orders.

I highly recommend this wonderful family business!

Lexington, MA

Excellent company. John is a good guy, best prices and very quick delivery. He always leaves a couple of treats for our dogs too! Highly recommend.

Ruairi O.
Medford, MA

Wonderful people, excellent prices, and extremely accommodating. I would recommend S&D oil to anyone. They always bring a treat for my big jerk of a bull dog as well…lol…thanks guys!

Kaitlin W.
Winchester, MA

Can not say enough about the kindness of the owner and delivery guys! Always here as soon as possible and seem to have lowest rates around. We really appreciate their willingness to deliver so quickly- especially when we plan poorly and are out/low on oil!

Rachel K.
Arlington, MA

S & D Oil in Woburn, MA is the best oil company in the Woburn area and always has the LOWEST PRICES. S & D is a smaller oil company but has superior customer service, always on time, and most importantly, the lowest price per gallon every time I have to place an order. I was glad I found John at S & D a few years ago and always recommend his company to friends. There is a website that shows the current price that every oil company is selling for and S & D always take the cake.

Nicholas B.
Brighton, MA

This company is great. They always have the lowest prices and are so kind! I ran out of oil and they answered my call at 9pm to schedule a delivery for the next morning. Lowest prices, amazing customer service, and fast service.

Stephanie P.
Bedford, MA